What is Discovery Flight?


Have you ever dreamed about flying in the sky when you were a kid? Now you have the chance to fly a real airplane yourself with an experienced pilot.


Introducing Discovery Flight


Discovery flight is a mind-blowing airborne experience which is more thrilling than you ever expected. There's no flight license or any prior piloting experience required. You will be piloting an aircraft with a professional FAA certified instructor to secure your journey.


To start, you will have a short ground lesson where you will learn the basics about flight instruments and how to maneuver them. After this, it will be your time to spread your wings and fly through the clouds. You will not only have hands-on flight experience but also a great view from above. When you complete the journey and safely land, you will receive a certificate documenting your incredible flight.



  1. Must be over 16 years old to fly the plane
  2. Must bring a valid ID
  3. For most airplanes, the max weight limit of each passenger under 240 pounds